Radio Host & Speaker – Live Life to The Fullest

I remember the first time I heard John 10:10. I am sure I had read it before, however, it really became my life verse in college. I went to Bible college to “become a better Christian”. God wanted to tell me about Himself. I had to read through the Bible for my Old and New Testament courses. As I turned each page it was clear. God taught me that he actually doesn’t want me to “become better”. He wants me to know that He is God and I am human.

When trying to explain how living for Jesus feels, I usually get tongue-tied. In chapter 10 of John my feelings are perfectly captured: “I (Jesus) have come to give you life and life to the fullest”.

This is totally how I feel about my faith journey and I want everyone to know about the freedom that comes with knowing Christ. I don’t have to be perfect! What!? The God of the universe actually wants to know me? He wants a relationship with me?!

That’s the reason I do everything! From writing a fashion blog to having a one minute Bible teaching feature on Moody Radio. I want my generation to know their creator on a deep soul level. Because He has come to give you life and life to the fullest!