Find A Mentor

A junior high student stood in front of me, nervous of what she was going to ask me… My husband is a youth pastor. He had been teaching about wisdom and seeking a spiritual mentor. So here is a young lady in our church making the effort and asking me to be her mentor. I couldn’t say no! We meet every Wednesday after school. I am learning so much about the Bible with her. 

It’s easy for me to think “yes, this is what a junior high student needs” ––but I need a spiritual mentor too.

This had me thinking. What comes first? The mentor or mentee? I was  walking to a great lunch place with our lead pastor’s wife this summer. I was asking her about what a mentoring program in our church would look like. She and I realized it is a hard dynamic to force. A few months later I learned the best thing to do is talk about it with the students. I think this is the same for us. We need to be aware of how important and crucial it is to have someone further along in the faith journey speak into our life. Discipleship is so important. We need

Did you know Jesus made an effort to learn from others. In Luke 2:46 we find Jesus sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. He made the effort to go to the temple, be humble and learn. If Jesus needed to be mentored, I think you and I need one too. 

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