To Apologize

“To Err is Human” as the saying goes… What if to apologize is human? How many times do we, in a day say an unkind word to a co-worker, spouse or a friend? It happened to me yesterday. I couldn’t find my black jeans. Where on earth could my black jeans have gone! My husband started to help and was making suggestions about where I could have misplaced the pants. I snapped a rude remark at him. He looked at me, stopped searching for the denim I had lost and said, “well that wasn’t very nice”. At that moment I had the opportunity to apologize or to brush it off and excuse the snappy remark as “ok” since I was frustrated. I had the opportunity to tell my husband that I see how kind, thoughtful, and loving he is and doesn’t deserve to be treated that way or I can brush it off as not that big of a deal.

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