I’m sitting in Starbucks with my lovely sister. She’s going to Italy in September to share Christ over there for ten months. Talking with her about everything and anything on our hearts. Theres nothing like a sister.  Even though were not blood sisters (we’re step), we are sisters through and through.

We talked a lot about the future and what we are going to do, but we also talk about the now. The here. What we are doing now to prepare for that future. These months for her are raising support for Italy, she’s preparing physically and mentally to go. These months for me, and the rest of my college years I see as a building time. Most people see college as a time to prepare intellectually for what they will do after school, and while thats true for me also, I see it more as preparation spiritually. I want to be grown, built up, and refined in my faith so I’m ready for what God calls me to when I leave this time of my life. But growth doesn’t happen on its own. God does the growth, but it takes action on our part. We can’t just sit around waiting to be closer to the Lord, waiting to overcome, or waiting for something to be fixed. Waiting on the Lord is okay, but that waiting is still an active role. 

In order to kick start this growth, I’ll be making some changes. Some physical things that will act as a representation of the changes that will follow inwardly.

So today I’ll just give on overview of sorts.

~I know that a major component of growth in the Lord is prayer. This culture promotes self dependence. I’ve been brought into this thinking that I can handle things on my own. We’re taught that independence is good. But we are called to be completely dependent on God, constantly in prayer. So in a completely abstract goal, I want to pray more, about everything.

~In the same light, I want to read my Bible more, but not to just read it. To breath it in, to eat it up, and really learn it. I’ll be reading one book for a long period of time to do so. The shorter books I’ll read once or twice a day for about 30 days. More on this later.

~And today marks the first day of me being completely vegan again. I’m not sure about gluten yet, but I believe this is one of the most “honest” ways I can eat. Just writing to get it out there, but I’ll be writing more soon.

~I’m going to be reducing my waste and how much I buy. I don’t want to buy anything new. Obviously I’m going to have buy a few new things, but no new clothes, or “toys” or stuff for my “toys”. I also want to reduce what I already have. I recently watched a documentary called “No Impact Man” on Netflix, and its a really great watch. More on the “hows” later.

So those are the main things that will be my guidelines this summer. I’m so excited to start and share it all along the way!


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