the silly things.

Can I just use this post to brag about my God for a moment?

I got myself into another situation of caring for a dog this week, something I said I wouldn’t do again. I guess I needed to learn that lesson one more time to really hit home, which I have. Don’t get me wrong, I still love love love animals and will have a huge farm where I can save all the animals I want one day, but thats much later. And even though helping these dogs is a good thing, I need to lay it down because it doesn’t fit in the path I feel God calling me.


I get stressed easily. I think the littlest thing is going to be my breaking point. And this week with the dog was no different. Especially since I’m leaving for California on Tuesday. I needed to figure out what I was doing and figure it out right then. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and I wanted it done as soon as possible. But I thought because I made such a mess of things, because I was stupid, because I said I wouldn’t do this again and then I did, and because I knew that this wasn’t something God wanted for me right now even though I desperately wanted it, that God was going to make it hard for me. I needed to really learn my lesson.

I got a hopeful email last night from a rescue saying they could help and to call in the morning. So after all these thoughts that I was going to be punished, I let myself hope. And when I did, I heard a reassurance.

I know God just giggles at me like a Daddy watching his little girl trying to stand up over and over again. “Here, sweetie,” He says, “let me help you. I want to see you stand.”

Even though we mess up, over and over again, and make the same stupid mistakes, God is not out to get us. He wants to work things out for us, He wants us to hope. Even if its something as trivial as finding a dog a home, He knows how much we care, and He cares. He’s not out to make things hard on us, He’s out to show us His love, over and over again.

And then, to watch us stand.

God not only provided a home for the dog, but He made it work out so flawlessly. I know the whole situation sounds silly, but my point is that no matter how silly it seems, God cares about it because He cares about us, because He loves us and every silly thing that comes with us.


One thought on “the silly things.

  1. As a dad that did giggle and help you up, see you stand (and run down the hallway screaming when you snuck out of bed while your dozing dad had to get up and chase you! 🙂 ), I can say without a doubt that as much as I love you, He loves you so much more and will always make it work out so flawlessly!! His timing is perfect!

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