How is it already May 31st?

Wasn’t it just my birthday? (Thats March 17th, in case you were wondering or want to start counting down 😉 )

It seems with every change of the month or holiday we hear a “Can you believe its already…?”

It recently hit me that I’m halfway done with college. What?? It is kind of blowing my mind that I am a JUNIOR.

I have 1.5 ~ 2 years left here and I don’t want to waste one more second of it. Which is why I’m using these next three months to do absolutely nothing. I’ll watch netflix all day and get all my lazies out of the way before school starts.

That was a good one right?

I am constantly thinking about whats next. What will I do after school? What will I do next summer? What am I going to have for dinner? And it doesn’t stop when I reach the point I was thinking about. There will always be something better because it is made up in our heads to be perfect. We fantasize and create idealistic pictures that dance around and tell us that our present is not good enough. When we do that, the present will never be good enough.

I’ve allowed so much of my time to be stolen by thoughts. I miss out on the beautiful moment right in front of me because I’m thinking about how it could be different if I was ___.

California was a vacation. And what do you do on vacation? Whatever the heck you want! For me, that meant I could eat whatever I want. But for someone who has a tricky relationship with food, it messed up the rest of my experience a little bit. I was thinking about what “bad” food I would eat next, eat it, feel guilty, and then miss something because my mind was so wrapped up in this cycle of thoughts.

Theres no “on and off” switch for sin.  The same temptation and same sugary junk food is available here too. (Not saying eating a cookie is sin, but the mindset we take to it can be.) We can’t give in to whatever we want because we took a plane ride. Its a lit harder to turn something “off” then it was to turn “on”. Theres no on and off switch for thoughts that take things from us. But there is a way out.

Do you know Him? 😉

The last three months of this summer are going to be the kickstart for the rest of my life. (Cheesy I know). I’m laying this crazy mess down and filling up with the grace of Christ. Its not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Oh, so worth it. I’m not willing to let wayward thoughts take any more time from me. We are only promised today, and I want to live each of them.


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