Guess how late I slept in today?




Crazzy, right? I’m having a hard time getting back to Florida time. Hopefully the streak will end tomorrow. I actually hate sleeping in. Half of my day was gone!

Just had to share that.

Today is June 1st and its almost over. A day I can never get back, I only get to live one June 1st 2012. And you know what? Thats the same for every other day. Crazy, right?

Days can be hard. Some just down right stink. Days can be tiring. Everything seems to want to just suck the life right out of us.

But then there are those days that you can take a deep breath and let your shoulders fall. You can push aside everything pulling on you and allow the smile to linger.

Some times we can’t control the things that try to steal our joy. But some times we can. And we can always control the choice to choose joy. I know its easier said than done, but the more we choose joy, the easier that choice will become.

The Lord knows this world is rough. He knows we face temptation. He knows we face words that tear us down. He knows we battle insecurity. He knows days can be hard. And He cares. You know how I know? Even though I give in to all these things He has told me to watch out for, He still calls me. All He wants us for us to run to His arms with all that junk trailing behind. When we run to Him, we are choosing joy. 

Tomorrow is a new day. It might be hard, but I only get one June 2nd, and I want to choose joy.



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