When I think about confident people, I think about popular, famous people. I think about people who have it all together and can do so in front of everyone.

Rarely, do I think about the Samaritan women by the well.

I’ve always liked her for some reason. But I’m nothing like her.

When Jesus asks her for a drink, she’s not afraid to say who she is. She’s a Samaritan, He’s a Jew-  they don’t mix. He offers her living water, but she needs to know more. And she’s not afraid to ask it.

I wonder what I would have done if I was her. I probably would have just given Him a drink of water and then been on my way. If He offered me living water, I would have raised my eyebrows, said “no thank you”, and thought nothing else of it.

Oh, what I would have missed out on.

The deep pull in me to please people doesn’t want to stir things up. It would have been easier to just give Him the water. That doesn’t require me to to reveal anything about myself, as she did. She lays herself out. She had five husbands. She knew her sin, and she didn’t try to hide it. Her words weren’t carefully crafted to only reveal what she wanted people to think of her. She was open, and ready.

And her life was changed. The jar was left in the dust and the water was not drawn. There were more important things. She carried the news of this Man and His living water to the village, where she boldly proclaimed what He had done for her. Her confidence changed lives.

By His grace, and by His strength, we grow to be confident. We lay our lives out in the open, and receive the change He wants for us. We are confident.




One thought on “confidence

  1. I’m right there with you Hannah…I would have probably done the exact same thing. I would pray, though, that we would have been able to discern that He was different than all the rest. That He was special. What an awesome thing to think about…meeting Him in person. 🙂

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