I can’t usually say that it has been literally raining all day. But today, it has been raining ALL day. Florida is being consumed by tropical storm Debby. Trees are down, power is out, streets and homes are flooding, and all the froggies are out.

Storms are the best time to sink into bed with that book that stirs your soul and wrap your hands around a cuppa tea. The black polka-dotted rain boots make you want to jump in puddles throwing your head back with an opened mouth laugh, spread your arms wide, and spin around.

Some people hate the storms. They’re loud and scary. Going out is a hassle. You’re umbrella turns upside down in the rain leaving your hair soaked. Your car gets wet and your clothes stick to you.

But we need the storms- the fishies and the froggies and even the mean alligators, the trees and the peaches and the flowers.

Things can be dry for a while. The sand is hard and forms deep cracks. The flowers hang their petals low and the trees thirst for wet ground. Its easy to forget about the storms when its dry. They seem so far off, unattainable, impossible.

But after the dry spell, the storm comes in and leaves broken branches in your yard. It seems as it might never end. Surely we have the water we need by now? But it keeps coming.

Whether you’re in a dry spell, or storm, or the trees and flowers are all happy, there is a purpose for this time. Yes in the eco-system sense, but I mean our personal storms. You saw that coming right? 😉

Maybe some trees need to be knocked down in our life. Maybe we’re being taught to thirst stronger and draw closer to the Living Water. Maybe we’re being filled to the brim so we overflow with nothing but grace and gratitude. Maybe our hearts have deep cracks and our head is hanging low, hang on. The storm will come.

We will thirst, we will be filled, we will be shaken, and we will be healed. The rain will fall on us and restore.

We can trust even in the chaos of the storm, because we know the Weather Man. 😉


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