hi there!

quick! name the movie!


Sometimes random lines from books and movies run through me head. And then I have to find out where its from. Even if it means saying/singing it over and over.

Another one from today?

“Stick with me boys, and you’ll never go hungry again!”

[The Lion King. Scar talking to the hyenas.]

I was making some kale chips when this little gem kept popping in my head. I giggled a little.

Today marks day one of a raw food challenge. I’ve been in a little bit of a rut lately, (can I say the past year actually?) and frankly, I’m done. I’m done with the arguments in my head. I’m done trying to title myself. I’m done trying to figure everything out. I’m done trying to be everything (I think) everyone wants me to be. I’m done trying to fix everything. deep breath. 

So what does this have to do with raw food?

Well, if you know me or have read any of my blogs you know a little about my past with food. Even then, I don’t think my ramblings measure up to the battle keeping me trapped. It sinks my shoulders, draws my knees to my chest, and locks my arms around me. But its not just about food. It goes so much deeper than breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It speaks to my desire to be confident in my own skin. It speaks to my future. It speaks to how funny I am, how likable I am, how cheery I am, how ____ I am. I’ve tried to control these all through food. I come with clenched fists and eyebrows furrowed ready to go to battle and overcome.

And here I am.

This time I am tiptoeing to the battle ground, wearing no armor. I come with my arms open, knowing I stand no chance. I come in surrender. I surrender all those things that try to define me and I surrender the desire to wear them. I lay all this junk I’ve accumulated and take on the Armor of God. I stand behind the Son of God and kneel as He fights for me.

So what does this have to do with raw food?

Its a fast of sorts. Its a daily reminder of that surrender, keeping me focused on the One who sets me free. I don’t know how long, at least three weeks, and theres no specific guidelines yet. For the first couple days I’m eating mostly raw food and getting rid of the other food I already have. But its about surrender.

This is the time. I won’t, won’t, won’t, and will not, allow this to have any more control or steal any more time and joy away.

This is the time.

exhale. surrender. 




4 thoughts on “hi there!

  1. I am sure you’ve already seen my latest post, but I’ve been reading this book titled “Love Does” by Bob Goff. One of the chapters/stories in the book is titled “Palms Up.” He talks about coaching clients for depositions and instructs them to sit with their hands on their knees, palms up because you can’t be defensive with your palms open and up — try it. Once we get defensive, we start to make mistakes. He even goes so far as to say if he sees his clients without their palms up, they are likely to receive a kick in the shin under the table.

    So what made me write this comment? Your point about clenched fists. Bob says that is the opposite of palms up and we are much more likely to get defensive and take a defensive posture with clenched fists. I tend to agree. It’s palms up for me!

    Love you,

    • I’ve heard that book is really great!!
      I love the “palms up” idea. I’ll keep that picture in my head as I go along. 🙂
      Thanks Dad!

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