the run.

“Nope, physically,  I just don’t bloat.”



Megan is in my opinion the funniest character in the movie. And then this line? HIGH-larious.

Well, unlike Megan I was not blessed with such a gift.

raw foods = bloating.

Just in case you were wondering. 😉

My summer classes started today! It’s going to be an intense six weeks, but I’m excited. It felt good to be sitting in a class room again. Since changing my major last semester, school feels a whole lot different. I want to dig in to it. I didn’t mind my science classes before, but I feel like I’m meant to be a part of the classes I’m sitting in now. Theres a purpose in them that sparks my heart. And my heart needed that. I’m so grateful for the ability and the opportunity to learn these things. (theres also this super handsome cutie in both of my classes and he sat by me in both of them, but thats beside the point 😉 )

I did Insanity this morning, went to class, and then had work from three to ten. It was a busy day. I loved it. I love to be busy, to feel productive. Which is why that whole waiting on the Lord can be hard for me. I’m a goal-orientated, production loving, perfection junkie and its hard for me to let that go in most of the things I do.

School. Faith. Work. Food. Relationships.

Its there.

Which is why this book is exactly what I needed. Theres grace that covers even this part of me. 

Thats why I didn’t freak out when I couldn’t finish the last fifteen minutes of my work out this morning. Why I wasn’t as upset with myself over the dark chocolate cashews I had at work. (Seriously, a customer didn’t want them and the front end people got to split them. Seriously, tonight?) So yes I ate some. But I also felt much better (despite the bloating) and know I am making progress.

I’m moving forward, “palms up”, keeping grace in front of me, and running towards Christ. 

In school. In faith. In work. In food. In relationships.

Its discipline soaked in grace. And its all, all, all about Christ.




6 thoughts on “the run.

  1. You must know I’ve been following you, just coudln’t figure out how to comment, until no – which is probably only partly right.
    Love reading every word you write, just as I love your pretty little face in that cute little body, surrounded by your sparkling laughter, inspired by your charming wit and tempered by the depth of your thinkin. Hope this comes through to you.
    Please keep your family and the rest of the Honduras mission trip in your prayers.

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