Happy freedom day friends!!

I don’t have class or work today so I’m enjoying it. I pressed snooze too many times, ate breakfast, went for a run, and am now sitting in Starbucks sipping on some iced coffee. (I’m still having that for now on the raw food thing. 😉 )

Tonight I’m going to be the beautiful Tom Brown to watch fireworks with some friends. Should be fun!

I celebrate this day grateful for the country I live in and the legal freedom that comes with that, but more so thinking of the only true freedom there is. I’m thinking of the believers in China meeting underground to fellowship and read the Bible for hours on end. I’m thinking of the mothers who can’t work and provide for their children. I’m thinking of the men and women who sacrifice to bring us this freedom so many (including myself) take for granted.

Today, I pray for the people who legally have what we call freedom but are bound by the things they might not know are holding them down. I pray for the people who know they are trapped but don’t know the Way out. I pray for the people who don’t know the price their freedom truly costs (including myself).

Lets all celebrate today, celebrate freedom as Americans and as Believers. Celebrate the richness of true and complete freedom that comes in knowing and walking with Christ. And with each step we take with Him, we are walking a little more free.



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