funny things.

Two funny things happened to me this week.

Earlier in the week I noticed my right hip was bothering me a little. I hadn’t done Insanity or ran since last Thursday so I didn’t think too much off it. But as the day went on it started to hurt worse. And it wasn’t just my hip, it was my butt. It was like the muscle down my right butt check had locked up. So I feel asleep with a bag of peas on my butt.

Good times.

Its feeling much better now after taking a little break from Insanity and stretching a lot, but still.. this is my life.

And then, do you remember that cute boy I mentioned in one little line in a post a few days ago?

I had my hopes raised and then dashed as I found out he’s a Christian, but…

He’s gay.


I think God was laughing a little bit with me this week. Too often we picture God as the Ruler, the mighty and just sitting on His throne, as the God who wiped out the earth with a flood or kicked Adam and Eve out of Paradise. Its easy to think of God this way when were in trouble, when we’ve messed up, thinking we deserve the same wrath.

We overlook the times when God parted the seas for His people, or protected them in a furnace or a lion’s den. We forget that God is for us. That even though we deserve all those things, He still sent His son for us.

He sent His Son so we could be saved and forgiven and free. He sent His Son so we could laugh.

The weight of our sin is lifted and sometimes we just need to laugh.

Let you shoulders fall as the stress goes with them. Take a deep breath. Think about pulling a muscle in your butt, or thinking about a gay guy. Think about those times you got stomach stitches and had tears in your eyes. And just laugh.

Laugh in grace, laugh in freedom, and laugh with Him.


6 thoughts on “funny things.

  1. Hi Hannah,
    So how come I either laugh or cry at your posts. You are so wonderfully expressive. I just think you’re grand, girl. I wanted to comment about “my friend,” but some quirk didn’t allow it. Love you,

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