today. {a not as loving, but similar letter}

I kind of like this letter writing thing. So today, I’m writing a letter to, well, TODAY.

Oh, Today, you got me good.

You wake me up to do icky school forms and show me I have to refile one that will take a while to get here. Then you lead me to class where I realize the paper that I KNEW was in my binder is in fact, not in my binder.

You have me walking around campus, feeling that tug of annoyance of the surplus all around, and the guilt in knowing I’ve been a part of it. You got me in that cynical “I just want to move to another country” mood.

I’m sorry today, you’re only half way through, and I’m glad I get to live through ya, but come on.

The good news is you also brought me to that thoughtful place these kind of circumstances can do. You brought me to The Word, which I know I have been slacking on lately. You brought me to those out-loud prayers I need to do more of.

You brought me to remember that Your Father creates this day and He says, to live in the world but not of the world. He says, you can be cynical and grouchy or you can help fix it. He says, don’t focus on the day, focus on ME.

So today, the rest of you will be better. It will be spent with more Truth, it will be spent with puppies at the shelter that need love (I started volunteering last week and love it! And I haven’t and won’t be bringing home any, don’t worry 😉 ) and it will be spent in choosing joy.

Take that, today!



5 thoughts on “today. {a not as loving, but similar letter}

  1. Love the letter writing idea – I just know you’re going to be famous someday. Hope I’m around for it to brag on you – but then how could I brag on you anymore than I do no?.
    I also read your blog that held Ten Books to Read. Don’t know if you’ve read The Guernsy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, but it could be on your list, too. It’s a precious, sweet, tender, short story set in WWII. I think you could love it too.
    Love you,

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