deep breath.

My crazy six weeks of summer classes is over! Now I have a little break at home before I head back to Tally for work and getting ready for the fall semester.

I took five days off from work so I could celebrate on of my best friends birthday and then come home for a few days. There really is nothing like being around family. I got to see my dad preach this morning, and tomorrow the whole gang is waking up bright and early to spend the day at Harry Potter World in Universal. I’m pretty excited. I’m not taking one moment of this time for granted, just soaking it all in and be refreshed before I go right back into craziness.



I’m trying to give myself a break, trying to let the thoughts of should and should nots slip away. Letting those lessons about grace continue to take root so I can take a deep breath. Last week after making yet another list of what I was going to do to “get back on track” I decided to rip it up. I tore that list to shreds and stuffed in the garbage. And then I took a deep breath. And then I ate the bagel with cream cheese my teacher brought for the class. And then I had (veggie) sushi with friends and fro-yo. And then I didn’t work out for a week.

I felt the urge to make another list. To swear off sugar, to eat only veggies. But I took a deep breath and remembered grace. Its only been a small step, but in letting a little grace in that part of me I’ve been able to exhale. I’ve been able to not feel crazy about the food that was in front of me and enjoy my moments. My veggie consumption wasn’t as high as it normally is, and I might be a little bloated (tmi? 😉 ) but I’m okay with that while I’m learning.

I’ll eat lots of leafy greens again. I’ll eat less sugar. I’ll feed my body so I can feel good. I’ll learn to eat those so I can feel good in mind and body, so I can be in the moment regardless of whats on my plate. But above all, I will choose grace.

And tomorrow, I’m havin a Butterbeer.



5 thoughts on “deep breath.

  1. Actually two butter beers! And they were wonderful! Ok, maybe a little too much. But the fun, laughs and memories are great! What I fun day! The Hogwarts castle ride was a blast, but like gramma said, being with everyone and creating such good memories and laughs was my favorite part of the day! Will be missing you being around again! Love ya, Dad!

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