fall goals {part one}

Over the next couple days I’ll be sharing the goals I have for the fall. I’m plastering Hebrews 12 over and on everything, as I move forward. Some goals will be small, like waking up on time, and others are a biiiit bigger.

The first one may be taking Hebrews 12 a little too seriously, but I’m going with it. I have a few friends who have also been bitten by the racing bug and are on board to train for some upcoming races! After my first half-marathon I had plans to do more shortly after, but life happened and thats that. We’ve also talked about doing a triathlon, so who knows!

Training and running my first half was one of the best experiences in my life and I can’t wait to do it again! The one I’m thinking about right now is the St. Pete’s Women’s Half on November 18th, so I need to get moving!


I still need to make up a plan, which I will do this week. I want to try and work in Insanity with training for it, buuuut that might be a little ambitious ha. Either way, just thinking about doing this is exciting!!




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