to the weekend we go.

The rest continues as I move into the weekend. After work today, I’ll be preparing to head to the beach. FSUCRU has their leadership retreat this weekend and I’m so excited I get the opportunity to go.

Retreats are always a little challenging for me. I have to constantly remind myself to breath. That I have nothing to prove because I am already made whole. I have to calm my nerves and remind my heart that it could never be made any fuller by other people’s approval. Even with brothers and sisters in Christ, I have to silence the urge to compare. My goodness, what would I do without grace?



So, I’m entering the weekend reminding myself of my roots in Christ, roots that can always grow deeper, roots that grow the most with rains of grace. I’m entering this weekend surrendering my fears and choosing to be present.

I hope your weekend is filled with rest. I hope you’re reminded of your roots, and how much you’ve grown. I hope you are found in a moment of awe at the ability to surrender.

To the weekend we go!



4 thoughts on “to the weekend we go.

  1. Your dad’s message this morning was once again – awesome. I guess God knows the timing, but it seems a long time in coming. I’ve gotten so caught up in Pintrest that I’ve neglected to do my favorite thing on the internet – reading the blogs that I love to read – way too many addictions. Yours always touch something deep inside me and make me laugh and cry and smile a while. That’s what I do when I look at all the good stuff on your Pintrest account. I’me learning more and more about you and it’s all beautiful!!!
    Gramma xoxox

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