why not?

To recap a little, the leadership retreat was amazing. I was a ball of nerves the whole way there and literally as soon as I stepped out of the car I felt the nerves slip away. It was so encouraging to be with so many other students who want to see Florida State turned upside down for the Gospel.

That also worked on my “I just want to move to another country” mentality to remind me of the importance of being at FSU. I “knew” that it was important for me to be here in terms of education, but was missing the mark about what I was really doing.

Today after my first class I helped trade surveys for ice pops with cru. The last three questions asked if they wanted more info on a relationship with God, if they were interested in a Bible study, and if they were interested in cru. They can mark yes, no, or maybe. The yeses made me happy, but it was the maybes that got me, there were so many! So many students are at least curious about God, maybe even open to Him. Yes, the harvest is great.


The church I’m going to has a saying, “why not Tallahassee?” Well, why not? The pastor said that he believes if the campus is changed, the city will be changed. If the city is changed, the state will be changed. If the state is changed, the country will be changed. If the country is changed, the whole world will be changed. We can’t do that, but Jesus can. The Gospel can. People are hungry. The harvest is great.

Why not, Tallahassee?

I’m starting this school year with a prayer to be intentional. I’m praying that the Lord would open my eyes to the hurting all around me and the healing power of the Gospel. I’m praying that I would be bold, for I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I’m praying that I would not grow weary, but always keep my eyes on Christ and be renewed by Him. Its not going to be easy to change the world, but He can do it.

Why not, {insert your location}?



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