31 days.

I really like schedules. Even if I have free time, I like knowing its from time A to time B. I get incredibly excited when I get to make a new schedule for my classes and think about planning it the minute the courses are released.

So you can see why this 31 days is enticing to me. And what better time than before Allume?

When I saw the posts about this idea popping up a couple days ago, it didn’t take me long to think of one. With a little more stress going on lately, my messy food habits decided they need to take their turn in messing with me too. Something you might have caught on to. 😉

My word for the month?


A little bit of writing each day. A lot of learning.

I’m entering with the hope and expectation of walking out of this month with a deeper walk with the Lord, and a big dose of healing in my heart.

I believe that when you create the space, The Lord will come, He will fill it.

The Lord is not boxed in by our schedule, but we do have to welcome Him.

I’m starting this month without any posts already written and without any idea (other than the word healing) of what I’m going to write about.

I’m making no promises, but it should be fun. 🙂


3 thoughts on “31 days.

  1. Hi Hannah. Yours was the first “linkie” I clicked on, and I love the simplicity of your blog. Also that you just have “one word”…healing, that you are going to go on. What a way to see how the Spirit leads you in the next 30 days. I’ll be checking back! Love your writing.

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