day three: don’t give in.

This is it, I thought, my low point.

You know the one they talk about, the rock bottom. The point where you hoist up your pants, strap on your boots, and get movin.

I didn’t think that at first. I didn’t think I could get out since I feel like I’ve been trying for so long. I just wanted to whine.

But in the midst of my whiny prayer, the stillness shook me.

When I was thinking I would just let it be, I would stop fighting and failing, I felt the Lord whisper, “Don’t give in to this.”


Those five little words from the right Voice made me stop. The Lord has so much more for me, than I can even imagine, a life that doesn’t involve giving in, or giving up. The feeling of failure or self-pity is not from God. We create those thoughts out of worldly standards and that pesky thing called comparison. When we begin to feel that way, we can not give in. We can find comfort in the fact that He makes all things new, and He can do it again and again. That when were feeling low, He is there ready to pull us out because He has something so much bigger than our feelings.

I’m hoping that was my boot strap moment. That this month I will remember to hoist up my pants each day, knowing the Lord wants more for me, He wants healing.


7 thoughts on “day three: don’t give in.

  1. This reminds me of Ephesians 6 where Paul talks about “girding up the loins of truth” painting the picture of one getting ready to gather up their robes and being ready to move/run. A fitting image for you. He does have wonderful, marvelous, adventures ready for you each day. Let His voice continue to encourage and lift you up. You are right were He wants you. Love you, Dad.

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