day six: coffee

A little while ago I said I was going to give up coffee. If these words ever come out of my mouth please know I am not in the right state of mind and negate everything else said in that time frame.

I think Christians love coffee a little bit more than the rest of the world. We meet over coffee, have those awesome spiritual discussions, and any quality quiet time is accompanied by a cup. (Its also good to instagram these situations.)

And to give up coffee just when coffee begins its best time of year? Fall means pumpkin spice and winter is gingerbread, holidays just aren’t the same without them. Plus the fact that its starting to drop about ten degrees here in Florida and we will need that warm coffee to warm us right back up.


Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, whatever your drink of choice, there is something wonderfully healing about wrapping your hands around a mug, pulling your knees in and sipping in that goodness.

Today I’m sippin on some farmer direct coffee from Honduras ( insert wanna-be hipster comment) and wanted to lighten it up here a little bit today with something everyone loves.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


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