day 17: the pursuit

We talked about His love last night at community group and falling recklessly in love with Jesus everyday. Making it a point to acknowledge how we are falling in love with Him, recognizing the action and allowing it to sink in.

I think sometimes what I will be like when I (finally) enter in to a relationship. I wonder if he will have to pursue me all the more because of those walls and the Lord will use that to show me more of his Love. I wonder if I’ll learn more about how to be open and honest and confident through the pursuit. It’s a silly thought though.


I know a relationship won’t fix those things, but it’s so easy to think something we don’t have will. I know the Lord has the timing all planned out for those things, but my mind wanders.

Timing is such a pesky thing to think about. So I won’t.

Today I will acknowledge that I have a Lord who is already pursuing me, who is showing me His love through the pursuit. He doesn’t need to involve a third party, He gives it straight from the source.

Today I will notice me falling in Love with Jesus as I feel His pursuit. I will let that open me up, give me confidence, and stand boldly in the healing He has called me to.


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