days ?-25 : breath

Its like a deep breath.

A reminder that you are here for something. That these things you feel, these thoughts you have, they can be something wonderful. You have them for a reason. It might be a moment of joy or excitement thinking about all there is “out there”, all that could happen. It might be a picture of people helping others. It might a dream or a song that stirs up something deeper. But it happens. In a moment of day dreaming or a second of trailing thoughts, something flicks inside of you.

Today its the leaves changing colors, the rolling hills. Its the farm full of animals that I could stay at forever. Its family that welcomes you and gives a sense of being at home, without really being at home. Its a person in class saying they value you as a writer. 

Its knowing that the Lord is not done with me yet. That He has bigger things (which are most likely found in the small things) than I have yet to find. That he is healing me, one breath at a time.


2 thoughts on “days ?-25 : breath

  1. So happy for you, my darling granddaughter, for you to have a lovely and well-earned break from the daily grind. So happy that you get to spend a small part of it in the loving arms of the other half of the clan. Just like home!!

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