time to go!

Tomorrow my trip begins!

I leave for Atlanta tomorrow morning, get to have lunch with my Dad in the Atlanta airport, then meet my team! We’ll be staying in Atlanta until Tuesday and then we will be leaving for Guatemala. I can’t believe its actually here. I’ve had been forcing myself not to think about it all through school, and even until I came to Tampa, because I didn’t want to get too anxious. But now I get to!

I go back and forth between thinking that eight weeks is either really long or not long at all. Either way, I know it’s going to fly by.

Right now, I feel ready. (This will change in about twenty minutes). I’m so excited and expectant to see what The Lord has for this summer. I know He is going to change my heart in so many ways. I’m expecting to be pushed and disciplined, broken and stretched. However, even though I’m expecting these moments I pray that these are not my motivations. I can’t ignore the fact that I am going to be changed by this summer, but going into it focusing on this would be selfish and unfair to my team and the people in Guatemala. I’m praying the albeit common, but grounding truth to “love God and love people.” To do either requires me to surrender. Surrender the desire to be changed, to grow, and simply be present for God to show me how I can better love. Surrendering is the only way I can move my messy self out of the way, so He can work. Surrendering makes more room for grace and clears the space for all of Jesus and none of me.

So far I have no idea what training camp will look like, and really any other specifics about Guatemala than we will be in Antigua. I’m hoping to be able to blog a good amount while I’m there, but I honestly don’t know. Hopefully, I will know more this weekend. 🙂 I would be so grateful if you could pray for me and my team as we prepare to leave. That we would all come together as brothers and sisters in Christ, and be unified by His love and the desire to see His glory throughout Guatemala.

Only by His unending grace, I’m ready.


3 thoughts on “time to go!

  1. Can’t wait to have lunch with with you tomorrow. So looking forward to what our Lord has planned for you! I will be praying for you each day and knowing that our God has you in the palm of His hand, walking in His will, seeing that signs and wonders are following your team!!!

    I Love You!

  2. I am so excited for all that awaits you this summer! As your mother, I am also nervous, worried and anxious. I will be praying for you NON STOP. I also hope you will be able to blog quite a bit! As always, I am humbled (and oh, so thankful!!) that God has let me be your mother – you inspire me in so many ways. I love you Hannah!


  3. You’re an amazing young lady, Hannah! I know God is going to continue using you this summer! Hugs, love and prayers for you!

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