que una semana!

I would say this has been one of the longest weeks of my life, simply because I look at my team and where I am and can’t believe we just met a week ago. These people that feel like family, this place that feels like home has only been in my heart for one week. Image

I want to bring you into a picture of the beautiful community I’m in. This team, who I was so nervous to meet, believing my insecurities would take over and I would cower back in fear, welcomes everyone. Its accepting, intentional, loves above all, and challenges. When I would love to stay in my comfort zone and hide from hard relationships, I’m being challenged to be here, to know that this time will fly by and we only have right now to push into this community. Image

Next week will be our first full week. This week was sort of pieced together with orientations and settling in. The first day we we’re here our contact, Luis, wanted to take us to tour an old convent. It was hauntingly beautiful. He told stories of some of the practices between nuns and bishops and “naughty” nuns. Those rooms behind us are where the nuns would be locked in when they we’re “naughty.” After the tour we went to tour the hospital. It was much better than what I was expecting, remembering the one in Honduras that still gives me chills. This one is a non profit, non-government, so everything is donated. A good majority there are cerebral palsy patients, and that is who we will be working with. It was hard to see, but every patient is dignified and loved, it’s just hard to be faced with the space to question why. I know my team members who spent the rest of the week there had a hard time, good, but hard. Image

(One of my incredible leaders, Roni. We are so similar it’s scary, and she has changed me so much!)

The rest of the week I went to a coffee farm. Luis has a friend named Julio who is growing his coffee business and needed help. The first day we went with him, he wanted us to go to two of his friends houses to pray for them because they are sick. One has cancer in his foot, the other has an infection in his leg that makes it hard to walk. I have also been acting as translator for him because he doesn’t speak any English. When I heard I would be doing that, I was terrified. I didn’t think I could possibly do that with the Spanish I know, so I immediately began praying for strength. That God would give me the words and help me understand enough to do a good job. The Lord is so faithful and not only helped me, but gave me so much joy in doing it. I actually got to pray in Spanish for the two men. I’m so excited to continue to grow in my Spanish. There’s something so beautiful about connecting with someone in their own language, and being able to offer that connection to someone else.  

Yesterday we got to walk around town and just spend more time growing with each other. Today, we’re going to Luis’s church! I can’t believe how different I feel in just a short week. In my relationship with God, in community, and just as me. I’m falling in love all over again with the Lord and learning more of what it looks like to truly walk with Him. 


(The volcano outside our house!) 

What a week! 


5 thoughts on “que una semana!

  1. Wow! What and exciting, growing and moving time in your life and the lives of others you will minister to. So proud of you, Hannah. I loved what you wrote about praying in Spanish. So powerful. Can’t wait to read more!!!!

  2. My dearest one, Just happened to check out your blog, which I just happen to do most every day, and was delighted to see this update. I am so proud of you, what you’re doing, who your becoming. What a life-changing experience you’re having. . . doing what you love. . .praying in Spanish, tending to people, growing with your team. Once in a life time experience.
    Personal note. . . . Story of Beautiful Girl – love it, can’t wait to see the blessed conclusion, but not wanting it to end. Another personal note.. . Brenna and I leave for N. Georgia and the dude ranch. Nothing like London for you and me, but just perfect for her.
    You are SO love by SO many, not the least of which is your . . . .
    Gramma God’s richest blessings to you and your team.

  3. Great Blog “Pumpkin”!!! I love reading how you are seeing God move and show His faithfulness!! What beautiful country! Those naughty nuns! Something should be done about that! 🙂 The volcano is cool, but the tree that you captured in the foreground steals the show! Nice composition too!

    So looking forward to your updates and your telling His story through this! You are an amazing daughter of the Most High God and able to do great things through Him who strengthens you. (Warning, dad advice coming) Never rely on your own strength and abilities, always wait and trust in our Pappa God who lavishes His love, grace, mercy, and power upon His daughters and sons!!

    Love you,

  4. wow…very proud.of what.you are doing.there. will.keep.you in prayer for.the Holy Spirit.of God to continue to work through you to help His people and others come to Christ.

  5. Dear Hannah,
    Your blog is wonderful and gives priceless insight of your purpose in life.

    I enjoyed our day together before you left for Atlanta and am looking forward to hearing more about your trip when you return. Your faith in the Lord and your will to share His love have resulted in your current mission and will prove to provide a new life for those you meet in Guatemala. Grandpa David and I pray for you and those you are with daily.

    Love and blessings,
    Grandma Pam and Grandpa David

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